Lightrek Pole LT4s Review

For those interested in reading a review of the Gossamer Gear Lightrek Poles. We at Gossamer like to research different gear review sites to see what people are saying about us, and we recently re-discovered a great gear review of our Lightrek poles by Lori Pontious. The LT4 review includes a description of the product, as well as in the field data about the poles.

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April 05, 2011 — Brian Fryer

Martin Rye gives Gossamer some love

For those interested in hearing about opinions of Gossamer. Every once in a while we like to post positive feedback that we get from our Trail Ambassadors about us as a company. Recently Trail Ambassador Martin Rye had this to say:

"The Gossamer Gear Gorilla I like a lot. I emailed Gossamer gear to mention the frame velcro attachment strips don't work too good. I recommended a single more substantial attachment. They took that on board - unlike some companies who don't listen to customers."

We are always willing to work with our customers, and we are always glad to hear any kind of feedback. So if you have a tip for us, please let us know.

April 01, 2011 — Brian Fryer

Lightweight Backpacking Demonstration

If you've ever been backpacking, you've probably heard people boast that their pack weighs 50 or 60 lbs. Those days are over. With a little knowledge and careful gear selection, it is possible for anyone to reduce their pack weight to a comfortable 20 or 25 lbs, even for a multi-day trip. By carrying less weight in your pack, you can hike further, see more, experience less fatigue, and prevent injuries. During this day hike and demonstration, Philip Werner will discuss a number of different strategies for reducing your gear weight and demonstrate some of the cutting edge gear used by lightweight and ultralight hikers, including products from leading manufacturers that are leaders in the lightweight backpacking revolution.

Sponsored by the New York-New Jersey Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, participants will day hike in Harriman Park (6-7 miles) and each participant will get the chance to carry Leader's fully-packed pack (approximately 25lbs. including food and water) to see how it feels. We'll also set up camp, review L's gear, and cook a typical camp dinner (under a large tarp in case of rain). Info on where to buy lightweight gear will be provided. Note that this is a day hike; we will not be sleeping outside. Hike will be accessible by public transportation from NYC. $5 non-refundable registration fee.

Update: Offer expired

AMC logo lightweight backpacking workshop
March 29, 2011 — Brian Fryer

How to build a G4

For those interested in learning how to build the G4 backpack. The following video is a great clip that was just recently sent to us about how to build the backpack. This can be a great video for any level hiker, as it can help educate or re-educate any hiker on the steps necessary to building the G4. Enjoy!

March 25, 2011 — Brian Fryer

Joe Newton's 'gear of the year'

For those interested in seeing how the Gorilla backpack rated according to Joe Newton. Trail Ambassador Newton recently created his 'Tuff Stuff' post in which he lists his favorite gear of 2010. Included in his favorites is the Gorilla backpack.

hiking joe
March 22, 2011 — Brian Fryer

Tarping Tips

Our newest Trail Ambassador recently lighted his load even further by going with a SpinnTwinn tarp instead of his hammock. His motivation was partly to lighten up but also to get his lab Coco in on the action. You see, Coco was feeling left out. Brian has written a most excellent tarp article on his experience and says:

"The SpinnTwinn provides ample shelter for me, my trusty four-legged trail companion, and all of my gear. In fact, my dog loved the tarp from the moment I set it up, it's like she instinctively knew she was welcome underneath it."

tarp ultralight dog
March 18, 2011 — Brian Fryer

Hike the Elysian Fields

Steve Burgess created an ultralight backpacking video that has some pretty amazing footage. The scenery is of the Elysian fields in Mount Ranier National Park, where Steve and his 15 year old daughter, Cassie, take a three day trip and show some of our gear in use. Check out his video and enjoy!

March 15, 2011 — Brian Fryer

TGO Challenge Presentation

If you are in Boston, this Tuesday, March 15th, Philip Werner from Section Hiker is going to present on his recent hike across Scotland on the TGO Challenge. If you've ever been interested in hiking or mountaineering in Scotland, you should come see this presentation. Philip will describe his route planning process, including Scottish geography and climate, share his experiences backpacking the route and participating in the TGO Challenge, and show gorgeous pictures of Scotland's mountains, waterfalls, and landscape.

Update: Offer expired

scotland ruthven glen lee
March 11, 2011 — Brian Fryer

Rik's take on the RikSak

There are many, many uses of the RikSak. That is what struck us the first time we saw Rik Christensen demo this pack. Trail Ambassador Paul Cronshaw took this video of his buddy Rik presenting his pack at the AZDPCTKO Gear Contest. Rik demonstrates the many features of the RikSak, a great uberlightweight daypack that can easily stuffed into your pack and used as a shower (see video), a stuff sack, and a pillow. By the way Rik tied for third place in a crowed field of competitors. Check out the video below and enjoy!

Update: Video broken

March 08, 2011 — Brian Fryer

DIY Hiking Shoes

For those interested in learning more about how to make your own footwear. Trail Ambassador Diane Soini recently sent us a very descriptive email about how she designed her own shoe for her hiking trips.

It was important to her that she try to make as simple a shoe as possible since it seemed to her that so much of the over-built features of today's shoes had injured her. No heels, no arch support, and basic simplicity were her goals.

In her own words: "I continue to make mistakes and have successes. Making shoes is not easy but it is simpler than I expected. Basically, I am making moccasins with rubber soles. It is not a complicated process. I am not a crafty person or particularly good with a sewing machine or my hands, and yet I have done this. If you have any creative capabilities and have been searching for a new make-your-own-gear frontier, consider making shoes."

The link to her whole email is Diane Soini's Shoes which includes even more detail about her shoe and sandal designs.

March 04, 2011 — Brian Fryer

Grant goes to Southern Utah

Grant and two friends went to do some hiking in Southern Utah. They started out by visiting Zion National Park and donning their dry suits and hiking up the narrows. The air temperature was 31 deg F and the water temperature was 34 deg F. After that hike, they took a sketchy 4WD trail to a place called The Wave. This place is well known for its beautiful wave like formations in red rock. You can see by the pictures in this gallery that the hike was spectacular.

Zion National Park The wave winter Zion National Park
March 01, 2011 — Brian Fryer

How to make a 'cap keeper'

For those interested in learning how to make their own 'cap keeper' for their own water bottle. Trail Ambassador Jason Klass recently created a great step by step article on his website about how to make a 'cap keeper' with a normal plastic water bottle like a Gatorade bottle.

The point in designing your own water bottle is that one can have a lighter water bottle with a 'cap keeper' than a heavier Nalgene type bottle.


cap keeper
February 25, 2011 — Brian Fryer