With Chanukah well underway, Christmas and Kwanzaa just around the corner, and the general spirit of holiday giving floating through the air, those of us who procrastinate may just now be wondering what goodies to gift our loved ones this year. For those of us with outdoorsy friends and family, gear to help them on their 2018 adventures seems like a clear choice. But, with the plethora of options before us, how can we be sure we're picking out the right item for them? Gift cards are often given a bad rap as being too impersonal, but here are some thoughts on why they're actually a totally reasonable, perfect last-minute gift option - as well as some tips and tricks on how to give them in more meaningful ways.

Photo: Sirena Dufault

No Need to Worry about Sizing

ttps://www.gossamergear.com/collections/backpacks"> backpack size might be, and our brand ambassadors have some useful tips, as well. However, muddling through these notes and making that decision is usually best done by the person who will actually be using the pack. Take away the worry of getting sizing right by instead giving your friend a gift card that they can use to order their own pack. Give it to them with a nice handwritten note from you about the adventures you hope their new pack will bring them.

The Conundrum of the Gear Junkie Who Has It All

nd the guessing game by giving them a gift card. You can include some nice printed photos of your adventures together - and maybe toss a little joke into your card about their gear problem!

Adding to People's Eventual Garage Sales

The world is filled with stuff and things. Sometimes the holiday season can feel overwhelming taking on lots of well-intentioned gifts, but ones which you may not really want or need. Best way to keep your gift out of a garage sale? Give them a gift card with a note letting them know that you want them to pick out something they really want, need, and love.

Non-Impersonal Gift Cards

It's one thing to give a Visa gift card, and another to give one to a place you know your loved one will appreciate. Getting the outdoorsy person in your life a gift card to Gossamer Gear shows that you know their love of adventure, and that you want to support many more outings in 2018! Pair your gift card with a top 10 list of places you want to travel together.

Gift card

Sometimes it's best to let your loved one pick out what it is they most need or want. Gossamer Gear has you covered with gift cards starting at $10 and going up to your desired price.

Last minute shoppers - also make sure to take a peek at our Guide to Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Folk for helpful ideas. Through December 20, 2017, we're offering 15% off select items with the promo codeWINTER15 . Happy holidays from our tent to yours!