It's that time of year again, trail wanderers. The snow is melting, and as the wildflowers peep through the ground, so too we emerge and hit the trails!

As the Gossamer Gear team and community make moves on large and small objectives for the Spring and Summer seasons, we've put together a list of some of our favorite gear staff picks.

  1. Liteflex Chrome Hiking Umbrella
Flexlite Chrome Hiking Umbrella

"It's such a practical option, combining all the benefits of light rain gear and sunblock in one affordable piece of gear" (Jonathan S)

  1. The LT4s
Gossamer Gear LT4s

"Pick one up and you'll see why. Robust, brutally simple, wonderfully light, still nothing like them out there."(Grant S.)

  1. The Gorilla 40L
Gorilla 40L

"It's named after me and the size is in the sweet spot for most trips, simple, great weight transfer, it all makes sense" (Grant S.)

  1. The Kumo 36L
Kumo 36L

"I love how it forces you to take only what you need." (Jonathan S.… he's not much a talker. We keep all things minimal here at Gossamer Gear HQ)

  1. Soto Windmaster

"This thing has handled cooking in some of the windiest possible conditions I could've imagined. It really is the windmaster. Nothing better than to know you can rely on this stove when all you want is a quick meal at the end of a long day." (Ian A.)

  1. Green Goo

"For everything skin related. I absolutely love using this to rub my feet at night after a long day. Any irritated or chafed skin gets a thin layer of green goo overnight and it helps significantly. There is no doubt about bringing at least one tiny container of this on every trip." (Ian A.)

  1. Bamboo Spoon

" It's the only piece of gear I've taken on every single trip for the last 10 years. It's simple, elegant, light, sustainable, the long handle rules and it's so much nicer to eat with than titanium or plastic." (Grant S.)

** Highly Recommended :: The Mariposa 60L

Mariposa 60L

And of course, not to be forgotten, the Mariposa 60L. This pack has been racking up the accolades. Most recently from our friends at Backpacker magazine! See the full write up from this years Editors Choice Awards here!