Thinlight Foam Pad - 1/8"

The 1/8" Thinlight pad has been updated to a new color, a more durable foam formula and now 19" in width to fit with our new PVT packs.



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Product Description

The Gossamer Gear Thinlight Foam Insulation Pad is the sleeping pad of your minimalist dreams. With 12 different uses - from adding insulation to your sleep system to its use as an on trail yoga mat, there is every reason for a thinlight pad to be an essential part of your ultralight backpacking kit. The average weight of the new Thinlight pad remains the same as previous versions.

R-Value: We have not determined a R Value or temperature rating for the closed cell foam due to its variable density - but based on thermal conductivity data compiled by an independent scientist, we estimate the R values to be 0.5 for the 1/8" Thinlight.

Please note that some pads will feature scuffs, small air pockets, or creases. This is cosmetic and does not affect performance.

The folded pad perfectly replaces the sit pad in a size medium pack without any trimming.

NOTE: sizes may vary by up to ½" length / 1.3 cm

***This product is currently not eligible for discount codes. 

  • Ultralight
  • Closed cell foam won't absorb water
  • Durable

Average Weight

Rolled - Total 2.7 oz (76 g)

Folded - Total 3.3 oz (94 g)


Rolled 1/8" Pad 58.7" x 19" x 1/8"

Folded 1/8" Pad 10.7" x 19" x 1"

Folded (Extended) 73.5" x 19" x 1/8"

NOTE sizes may vary by up to ½ in / 1.3 cm