Toaks Titanium V-shaped Peg



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Product Description

We believe the Toaks Titanium V-Shaped Peg are the best high quality titanium tent stakes on the market.  These stakes are the most lightweight option we've found. In general we like bring along a combination of stakes in our kit.

Using a ultralight backpacking tarp? Try these suggestions: "V" stakes for the ridgelines and other key corner stress points points, and hook stakes for tent guylines. For most we recommend a minimum of eight. This gives you a stake at each of four corners, two ridgeline guylines, and two optional stakeouts. Some also may want to consider getting twelve, which gives you extra stakes for fastening additional stakeouts or extras in case you leave one behind. This allows the use of all five stakeouts on the windward side of the tarp. For higher winds and added security, additional stakes would be an asset.

Tip: Have resistant "V" stake? Try inserting a shepherd hook stake through the cord at the top end.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Rounded points to minimize accidental damage to backpacking gear


Total 0.4 oz / 11.4 g "V"


Length 6.5" / 16.5cm "V"