Got a weekend warrior on your gift list this year? Or, maybe even someone who isn’t a natural-born weekend warrior but does her best to be a weekend warrior nonetheless? Or just someone who gets really pumped about backpacking?

Well, then, let us introduce you to our gift guide for those special outdoorsy friends and family in your life who find their joy in planning wilderness trips and using their PTO effectively.

The Perfect Gifts for Weekend Warriors and Backpackers

The key items weekend warriors and backpackers need fall into a few different categories: packs, shelter and sleeping systems, trekking poles, and accessories.

Below, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Gossamer Gear items from each category to spark some inspiration for your gift giving.


Weekend warriors need light, efficient packs to serve as their go-bags for outdoor adventures. We recommend these two!

1. Kumo 36 Superlight Backpack

A tough, frameless pack for day trippers and die-hard minimalists, the Kumo is a smaller-volume pack for low-stuff adventures. Any hiker who wants more of an experience with less luggage will love the Kumo 36. While lightweight, this pack still includes some feature favorites, including stretchy shoulder strap packers, reachable water bottle pockets, and a detachable fast belt.

2. G4-20 Ultralight 42 Backpack

A modern nod to a vintage classic. A tip of the hat to an OG pack. We took what made the original "G4" so popular and roped in a gang of new fabrics and materials to create a minimal do-it-all frameless pack perfect for weekend adventures or multi-day treks into the woods. Plus, this pack is offered in electric blue for your trail friends who prefer a little flair.

Shelter & Sleeping

Help your weekend warrioring, backpacking pals sleep cozy with some gifted additions to their sleep systems.

1. Solo Tarp

Light, dry, and super simple, the Solo Tarp is minimalist weather protection for you and your gear. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, it sets up easily with a couple of trekking poles for a well-formulated, high-tenacity, catenary-cut waterproof experience. Seams come sealed so you’re good to go right out of the box, and the tapered design delivers a maximum space-to-weight ratio and better performance when the weather totally blows.

2. Twinn Tarp

Like the solo tarp, but lets your weekend warrior friend know that you would also like to use their gift and join them for future adventures in the wild. Also offers a nice escape from the weather on paddle trips.

3. NeoAir UberLite Inflatable Pad

Keep your giftee lightweight and comfortable on the trail with the absolute lightest insulated air mattress available. Thermarests' proprietary construction of the UberLite provides the critical warmth needed in the backcountry. Boasting 2.5 inches of legendary NeoAir comfort, the minimal UberLite makes a big impact during nights outdoors while meeting strict durability standards.

4. Toaks Titanium Shepard's Hook Peg Stake

These classic pegs are simple, light, and tough. Gift your weekend warrior a bundle of them for easy, secure tent or tarp setup.

Trekking Poles

Keep the knees of your weekend warrior friends happy for more years with the gift of trekking poles. It’s easy to become a believer of their usefulness on the trail. Plus, you can use them to set up our tarps and tents rather than carrying extra tent poles!

1. LT5 Three Piece Carbon Trekking Poles

The most portable poles we have ever made, our LT5s are some of the lightest 3-piece poles on the planet. Updated straps and EVA foam grips make these trekking poles comfortable for miles and miles. Plus, they work perfectly with our Ones, Twos, and Tarps for an unbeatable lightweight shelter setup.

2. Lightrek Pack Bungee Attachment

For the moments when you don’t want to be using your trekking poles, we have a lightweight, convenient attachment for that. Your weekend warrior giftee can use this handy bungee to securely store their trekking poles on their pack as they hike or dance around camp.


From comfort to convenience, the right accessories can make for a much more pleasant weekend adventure in the woods. These gifts are such to be loved by the outdoor enthusiasts on your list.

1. Lightrek Hiking (Chrome) Umbrella

The world’s lightest full-size trekking umbrella, now even lighter! Bring it along instead of rain gear. Just 6.6 ounces, it keeps you out of the rain or the sun. Thru-hiker tested and approved, it lowers the feel of the sun up to 15 degrees.

2. Bumster

The Bumster fanny pack is a great place for your stuff on trail, in the airport, at a food truck, or your favorite festival. It stays with you when you drop your pack in town and is an alternative solution or supplement to hip belt pockets on trail. It rides front, back, or as a sling. Use as part of a backpacking system or on any other adventures.

3. Hipster

Functions the same as the Bumster, but at a slightly smaller size.

4. Bucket Hat

A hat that can also be used as a bucket.Need some extra protection from the sun? Want to look extra cool on the trail? We’ve got you covered with our GG bucket hat.

5. SOL Emergency Bivvy Sack

The Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as Adventure Medical Kit's world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside. It also comes with an emergency whistle.

6. Ben's InvisiNet Bug Head Net

Enjoy spectacular views without pesky bug bites using Ben’s InvisiNet Head Net, the highest-visibility bug net on the market. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or gardening, this head net is so sheer that even mosquitoes won’t see it coming, as the pore size is only 1.0 mm! Weighing only 0.7 ounces, this head net is easy to pack and super portable, as it comes with a pull string sack for safe storage.

Remember to Share the Adventures of Your Weekend Warrior Gifts With Us!

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December 17, 2021 — Korrin Bishop