The Way Movie

Gossamer Gear | Nov 21, 2011
A couple of months ago, Glen got an email from John Mead, President of Adventure 16, inviting him to a pre-release s...
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Going Back to the Third Grade

Gossamer Gear | Nov 14, 2011
Grant and Michael periodically go help out Grant's honey, Jennifer, with her third grade class. Jennifer is is an ...
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September Drawing Winner

Gossamer Gear | Oct 25, 2011
Update: Link Broken Here is the drawing from the September Newsletter. We asked our readers to send in a picture or ...
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Our Target Market

Gossamer Gear | Oct 10, 2011
On our recent trip to Yosemite, we ran into this gang of likely characters. They were out in this field getting read...
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Hendrik gets funded for Ultralight A-Z

Gossamer Gear | Aug 31, 2011
Update: Offer expired Not too long ago we posted about Hendrik Morkel's project called Ultralight A-Z. We are happy ...
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Joe Newton goes Back to the Basics

Gossamer Gear | Aug 29, 2011
Joe slips out his door and into his back yard to go on what he calls his own little micro-adventure. But you see, his...
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July Newsletter backpack winner

Gossamer Gear | Aug 27, 2011
John Goodman is the winner of the backpack of his choice. He was one of many that submitted a tip as requested from o...
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Ultralight Family Gathering at OR 2011

Gossamer Gear | Aug 22, 2011
One of the things we like most about what we do is that we enjoy being part of a cottage community.  So while we may ...
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Rattlesnakes and Philmont

Gossamer Gear | Aug 19, 2011
Philmont is the high adventure backpacking camp that all Boys Scouts aspire to go to. We liked the picture of the ove...
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Glen goes to Weminuche

Gossamer Gear | Aug 05, 2011
Glen has always loved hiking in high country, and likes learning new things about ultralight backpacking, so he jumpe...
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Gossamer Gear Goes to OR 2011

Gossamer Gear | Aug 03, 2011
Grant, Glen and Michael from Gossamer Gear will be attending OR this year. They will be staying at a house nearby wit...
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Mariposa Plus Newsletter Deal

Gossamer Gear | Jun 14, 2011
This month's newsletter special is the Mariposa™ Plus. For the month of June, you can get $25 off by entering the cod...
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