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  1. Sale Begins Soon

    Gossamer Gear | Nov 21, 2012

    Update: Published Offer Expired - Be sure to check out our current Black Friday deals.

  2. Where are the sales

    Gossamer Gear | Nov 15, 2012

    So there will be no sale this week while we prepare for our Black Friday Blowout Sale! But do not be fooled by the w...

  3. Customer Honored for Trail Work

    Gossamer Gear | Nov 08, 2012

    The latest issue of the Pacific Crest Trail Association Trail Dirt newsletter featured the familiar name of Barry Te...

  4. Mariposa in the PCTA Calendar

    Gossamer Gear | Nov 01, 2012

    Hiking on the edge near Apache Peak in the San Jacinto Mountains, California. Photo by Meredith Altland. With few pi...

  5. Custom G4 from the Time Capsule

    Gossamer Gear | Oct 25, 2012

    So back about 9 years ago I decided to go on a semi-serious backpacking trip with my old man: a 36-mile, three day t...

  6. Rest in Peace Bill "Asabat" Jeffrey

    Gossamer Gear | Oct 03, 2012

    I first met Bill "Asabat" Jeffrey about 9 years ago when hiking a section of the PCT just above Soledad Canyon with ...

  7. Evernew Party at OR Show

    Gossamer Gear | Aug 16, 2012

    By Will Rietveld and Janet Reichl ( Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors), and Damien Tougas (Backpacking Light Magazine) ...

  8. Salt Lake City for 2012 Summer OR

    Gossamer Gear | Aug 09, 2012

    By Will Rietveld, Janet Reichl, and Brian Green (Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors), and Damien Tougas (Backpacking Lig...

  9. School by Andrew Skurka

    Gossamer Gear | Jun 01, 2012

    Howdy everyone, just to keep everyone up to date the social media team at Gossamer Gear will be out of the office Sa...

  10. ADZPCTKO 2012

    Gossamer Gear | May 07, 2012

    This year, Glen and Michael, along with Trail Ambassadors Disco, Paul and Rik all helped to staff the Gossam...