Bear Can Pack Modification

Gossamer Gear | Feb 21, 2010
To better hold my Bearacade Bear canister, I sewed two thin strips of Velcro on the underside of each of the Gorilla ...
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Shoulder Strap Pockets

Gossamer Gear | Feb 08, 2010
I added two small holders (out of ripstop nylon) to the shoulder straps, one for a small digital camera and the other...
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Toothpaste dots

Gossamer Gear | Jan 29, 2010
Are you not quite ready to use Dr. Bronner's soap for toothpaste? Do you have a favorite brand or need a special one ...
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Shoulder Strap and Hip Belt Openings Alternate Uses

Gossamer Gear | Jan 08, 2010
I would suggest you mention in your advertising and instructional information the alternate uses for the hook and loo...
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Gear testing in Wyoming

Gossamer Gear | Sep 26, 2009
Grant will be hiking in Wyoming from Sept. 25th thru Oct. 5th. Gossamer Gear® will be open and shipping orders during...
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Hike with Glen Van Peski and Andrew Skurka

Gossamer Gear | Jul 05, 2009
Want to hike with BOTH Gossamer Gear® founder Glen Van Peski and legendary ultralighter Andrew Skurka? Enroll in Wild...
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First ever Video Contest

Gossamer Gear | Mar 17, 2009
Gossamer Gear® is currently conducting a Video Contest open to all customers of our products. The rules are simple. J...
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Full Length Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Gossamer Gear | Feb 18, 2009
Another new addition to the Gossamer family of products is a Full Length sleeping pad. The NightLight™ Full Length pa...
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SilTwinn and SpinnTwinn Introduced

Gossamer Gear | Feb 18, 2009
During these budget-conscious times, we here at Gossamer Gear® are trying to do all we can in order to make our gear ...
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Introducing a curved stay

Gossamer Gear | Feb 06, 2009
The 2009 Gossamer Gear® Mariposa™ Plus and new Gorilla™ backpacks have a new look. You might not notice the differenc...
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2009 Gorilla available for order

Gossamer Gear | Feb 04, 2009
The new addition to the Gossamer Gear® ultralight backpack line for 2009 is now available for pre-order. The Gorilla™...
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Review at Trailspace

Gossamer Gear | Apr 09, 2008
You can now write reviews for your favorite gear from Gossamer Gear® at Most of our gear is now liste...
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