New Trail Ambassador - Brian Green

Gossamer Gear | Feb 22, 2011
Every so often Gossamer Gear will welcome a new member into the Trail Ambassador group. This month, Gossamer proudly ...
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Homemade Energy Bars

Gossamer Gear | Feb 18, 2011
My friend, the Onion of CDT yo-yo fame, was in Denver for a visit and he let me try his homemade energy bars. I had b...
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Grant to Southeast Utah

Gossamer Gear | Feb 15, 2011
Grant is heading off Southeast Utah to the Kanab area to do some winter hiking. He plans to seek some slot canyons, a...
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Re-threading a Stuff Sack

Gossamer Gear | Feb 11, 2011
Did you accidentally pull out the string in your stuff sack? It can be frustrating to try to get the string back thro...
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Maui for their Honeymoon

Gossamer Gear | Feb 08, 2011
Disco and POD are two of our trail ambassadors. What makes them unique is that they are both triple crowners, and the...
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Seam Sealing Tips

Gossamer Gear | Feb 04, 2011
Last month, there was some questions on how to seam seal one of our tarps so we thought we would post on how we do it...
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2011 Gorilla Backpack

Gossamer Gear | Feb 01, 2011
Periodically we repost excellent online articles reviewing our gear. This past fall, Philip Werner at Section Hiker p...
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SpinnTwinn in the Snow

Gossamer Gear | Jan 28, 2011
If you ever wondered if you can set up a SpinnTwinn in the snow. Hendrik Morkel recently created a great post on his ...
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Winter Outdoor Retailer 2011

Gossamer Gear | Jan 26, 2011
Grant and Glen went to OR to be with old friends and to discover new products. We met up with many of the cottage guy...
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Ultralight Tic Tac Fishing Kit

Gossamer Gear | Jan 21, 2011
It's just an empty Tic Tac box with a small foam pad inside. The foam holds the lures. My favorite for mountain trou...
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Hiker Depot Blog Talks About Glen's Visit to Japan

Gossamer Gear | Jan 19, 2011
Remember Glen's Trip to Japan? Well we thought you might be interested what that looks like in to our Japanese ultral...
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Hiking Tip: Collecting Water

Gossamer Gear | Jan 14, 2011
Have you ever needed to fill your water container only to find there wasn't enough clearance for you to get the open...
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