Hike with Glen Van Peski and Andrew Skurka

Want to hike with BOTH Gossamer Gear® founder Glen Van Peski and legendary ultralighter Andrew Skurka? Enroll in Wilderness Trekking School's Wilderness Trekking II long distance backpacking course. The planned route is awesome!

Update: Offer expired.

July 05, 2009 — Brian Fryer

First ever Video Contest

Gossamer Gear® is currently conducting a Video Contest open to all customers of our products. The rules are simple. Just submit a hard copy of a video you make to us by April 15 and you will be entered in the contest. The video should be about or featuring your favorite piece of Gossamer Gear®. This could be a technical review, a how-to, or a user tips-type video or something you dream up all your own. Just make sure it features the Gossamer Gear® product. Gossamer Gear® will own all videos and reserves the right to use them as we see fit. We will be posting them in various places including, but not limited to, our website, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. PLEASE feel free to post your video elsewhere as well. The winner will be judged by us and will receive ANY GG pack or set of trekking poles they desire. In case of a tie, we will make awards to all winning parties. Please submit the video in the following formats: mov, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, mp4, mpeg4, 3g2, 3gp, flv or qt. Make sure the video is 500mb or smaller.

Update: Contest has expired - Feel free to check out our video collection page

March 17, 2009 — Brian Fryer

Full Length Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Another new addition to the Gossamer family of products is a Full Length sleeping pad. The NightLight™ Full Length pad is 76" long and 19" wide. It weighs approximately 12 ounces and rolls up to a diameter of 8 inches. For those of you who are taller than 6'4", you can use your pack under your feet and/or clothing for your pillow under your head and still have a full length pad for the rest of your body. We're also introducing a new type of foam for this pad and our other two convoluted (the egg crate design) pads, the NightLight™ Torso pad and the SitLight™ pad, due to our supplier not being able to obtain the previous Evazote® foam. The ThinLight™ pads will remain in the Evazote™ foam as they are sourced from a different supplier and don't need the convolution process.

Update: We no longer provide the full length product - see our Torso Length Nightlight Sleeping Pad

February 18, 2009 — Brian Fryer

SilTwinn and SpinnTwinn Introduced

During these budget-conscious times, we here at Gossamer Gear® are trying to do all we can in order to make our gear more affordable. In keeping with that, we have just introduced a silnylon version of the popular SpinnTwinn™ tarp, aptly named the SilTwinn™. Matching the SpinnTwinn™ in all specifications except fabric and weight, the SilTwinn™ provides maximum coverage for two people for very few ounces.

Update: We no longer provide this product. Check out updated shelters.

February 18, 2009 — Brian Fryer

Introducing a curved stay

The 2009 Gossamer Gear® Mariposa™ Plus and new Gorilla™ backpacks have a new look. You might not notice the difference by just looking at the packs, however, but you'll definitely notice when you wear one. That's because for the first time ever, we've introduced a curved stay for these two packs. Made from aluminum rod and weighing just 3.4 oz., this single piece curved stay comes pre-bent with a universal S-curve that should fit most everyone's back. Slight adjustments can be made to these stays if needed. This stay will ship installed in the 2009 Mariposa™ Plus and the Gorilla™ backpacks. We will no longer be shipping the carbon fiber straight stays. We will also be shipping the remainder of the 2008 Small and Medium Mariposa™ Plus backpacks with the new curved stay. We can retrofit your Mariposa™-series pack, including previous models of the Plus, the Mariposa™ Standard and Miniposa™ packs, with the new curved stay if you send it to us along with a check or money order for $35 to pay material, shipping and sewing costs.

February 06, 2009 — Brian Fryer

2009 Gorilla available for order

The new addition to the Gossamer Gear® ultralight backpack line for 2009 is now available for pre-order. The Gorilla™ Ultralight Backpack, a bullet-proof version of the recently redesigned Miniposa™, is the perfect pack for those "transitional" ultralight backpackers. It's also a good choice for those folks who don't want to have to stay on the trail or take extra care of their gear. Heading out for a day on the crags? This little baby won't even blink at being tossed around on granite and will hold your ropes and racks with no problem at all. This little jewel might be going in the opposite direction of "lighter weight" gear, but at only one ounce heavier than the Mariposa™ Plus, you won't even notice it.

Update: See updated product.

February 04, 2009 — Brian Fryer

Review at Trailspace

You can now write reviews for your favorite gear from Gossamer Gear® at Trailspace.com. Most of our gear is now listed on their site for review. Any items not listed can be added as well when you review it. Let your inner critic flourish here.

April 09, 2008 — Brian Fryer