Introducing the Vagabond Collection: Daypacks for Your Travel Needs from Street to Trail

When the Vagabond Daypack first launched in 2017, it became a favorite for both hitting the trail for some fresh mountain air and taking a quick jaunt into town for the farmer's market. In 2018, it got a little makeover with its color palette and fabric. Today, we're pumped to take the beloved Vagabond Daypack to the next level by introducing you to the Vagabond Collection!

The Vagabond Collection Offers a Viable Daypack for Every Aspect of Your Life

Ready to retire your other daypacks and join the Vagabond family? The Vagabond Collection offers three daypack options, creating a series of packs that have an eye toward versatility and style. The Vagabond Collection offers hikers and commuters the Vagabond Jet, the Packable Vagabond, and, of course, an updated version of the original Vagabond Daypack that started it all.

Each of these packs feature dual water bottle pockets, top carry handles, spacious outer mesh pockets, and a similar aesthetic, but special features and details on each bring unique functions to all three packs in the Vagabond Collection. Read on to learn what makes each of these packs both hip and functional.

Your Frontcountry Life will Love the Vagabond Jet

Styled in all black using nylon with Spectra fabric, the Vagabond Jet is going to match perfectly with your pantsuit. It's also outfitted with an integrated padded tech carry system for laptops, tablets, or hard drives. With this feature, you'll easily and safely be able to lug your work laptop with you on your subway commute into the office, as well as your Kindle to read your latest adventure novel obsession.

The Vagabond Jet also features mesh shoulder strap pockets and exterior and interior accessory pockets. Take this beefed up version of the Vagabond with you for:

  • Styling and profiling at New York fashion week
  • Gallivanting around the world
  • Commuting into that job that somehow requires you to carry, oh, so much tech around
  • Looking extremely good at your next happy hour
  • Biking along your favorite city trail

Your Minimalist Mind Has Been Searching for the Packable Vagabond

Think of the Packable Vagabond as the streamlined and ultralight version of the Vagabond Daypack. This member of the Vagabond Collection easily compresses and packs into itself via the main accessory pocket. When it unfolds, it looks just like, well, a Vagabond Daypack! Although streamlined, you'll still find all of your favorite Vagabond features in the Packable Vagabond, including side compression straps, mesh shoulder strap pockets, a large mesh exterior pocket, and top carry handles.

The Packable Vagabond also features a ladder lock sternum strap. Take this minimalist version of the Vagabond with you for:

  • Quick "missions" to the local bouldering spot (as the kids say)
  • Summit scrambles
  • New Year's resolutions at your local gym
  • Post-gym hoarding of Trader Joe's snacks
  • A backup second carry-on when mom send you home with too much jam for one suitcase

Your Ever-Evolving Schedule is Going to Find Comfort in the Original Vagabond Daypack

The original Vagabond Daypack is still the treasured jack of all trades in the Vagabond Collection. This pack moves flawlessly between trail and street with a built-in hydration sleeve that can double as a laptop sleeve. We've updated the pack with Aramid kevlar double diamond ripstop fabric, making it stronger, lighter, technically advanced day hiking and peakbagging pack.

The original Vagabond Daypack comes with all the features our community loves about this pack series, and includes a zippered external pocket. Use this perfect daypack for:

The Vagabond Collection Brings Style and Function to Your Day-to-Day

We hope you're as stoked for the Vagabond Collection of daypacks as we are. These packs bring function and style to anything your day may bring. Whether you're already a part of the Vagabond family, or a new recruit, we know you'll find a pack to love in this series. Check out each of their product pages for more information on their features, including product demonstration videos.

Finally, make sure to share photos of your adventures with the Vagabond Collection with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. Happy trails!

New Daypacks Alert! — Meet the Updated Minimalist 24 and Vagabond

New Daypacks Alert! — Meet the Updated Minimalist 24 and Vagabond

Over at Gossamer Gear, we've been getting pretty giddy about the updates we've been making to two of our beloved daypacks–the Minimalist 24 and the Vagabond. After lots of of nerding out together over fabrics, function, and flair, we're finally ready to loop you into all of the fun!

Both of these daypacks are great for their versatility in use. Warning: You may quickly find yourself bringing these daypacks with you everywhere –the trail, the metro, the farmer's market, your first date with that person you met at the farmer's market who complimented your incredibly fly daypack (definitely a keeper, btw!), the art gallery, the beach, Capitol Hill to fight for public lands, your favorite watering hole; the list goes on.

Anyway, we hope you'll enjoy these new daypacks as much as we do. Now for the good stuff!

Vagabond Daypack

Minimalist 24

Let's start with the specs on this one:

  • Capacity: 21-liter main compartment; 24-liter total when including pockets
  • Two side mesh bottle pockets accessible without taking off pack
  • Slant top mesh big back pocket for easy access
  • Weight: 11.6 ounces / 328 grams
  • Size: 18.5 x 10.75 inches / 50.8 x 10 x 28 centimeters

This daypack is designed with:

  • A unisex ergonomic harness;
  • Rib strap for a secure fit to your body;
  • Vertically adjustable sternum strap system;
  • Built-in foam back pad; and
  • Air-mesh shoulder straps for less friction and more cushion.

What this all means: The Minimalist offers an awesome space/weight ratio without compromising comfort or durability.

What's new, you ask? Well, we've updated the fabrics and materials on this one to make it even lighter, and switched up the colors to add a little more pizzazz (while not straying too far from our signature color palette, of course!). We've also added a removable side compression cord.


The Minimalist fits most tablets and laptops, and comes with an internal zippered stash pocket and hydration loop, so…

Recommended use: Take this daypack for an epic trail run that ends at your favorite coffee shop. Spend the evening there typing up beautiful love sonnets about the Minimalist. Make sure to tag @gossamergear in your Instagram poem shares!



This daypack holds a special place in many of our hearts. We once even used it to find one another through the crowds at Outdoor Retailer.

Vagabond Daypack

Here's just a little of why we love it so much:

  • Secure zippered top closure
  • Dual tote handles
  • Ergonomic straps and back panel
  • Micro daisy chain lash points
  • Large front stretch mesh pocket
  • Inner secure stash pocket
  • Hydration sleeve that doubles as a laptop sleeve, as it's raised off the bottom of the pack

All of this comes with the following specs:

  • Capacity: 23-liter main compartment
  • Weight: 16.5 ounces / 467 grams
  • Size: 18.5 x 10.75 inches

What this all means: The Vagabond can hack it on the trail, but is sleek and functional enough for urban and office environments.

What's new, you ask? To start, we've added an outer zippered pocket with a key and pen holder, as well as shoulder strap pockets–more places to stash your essential doo-dads. We also listened to our community's feedback and shortened the tote handles. And, similar to the Minimalist, we gave this daypack a fresh new spin on Gossamer Gear's color palette to create a polished look you can pull into your day job with after that sunrise hike.

Bonus! We also updated the fabric on the Vagabond, and this is where things get pretty nerdy. The Vagabond is now made with a 70d robic nylon and black 210d extreema grid. The grid is 3x thicker than the main and will catch most of the abrasion, essentially allowing a light material to perform like a much heavier fabric. This is the first ever commercial use of black extreema, or ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, which is several times stronger by weight than kevlar or steel.

With all of this in mind…

Recommended use: Take this daypack on quick epic adventures (or use it to turn your work trips into epic adventures). It fits perfectly under an airplane seat and will be ready to morph from meeting to mountain whenever you are.


Thanks for letting us get a little geeky over daypacks with you. We hope you'll grab one, let us know what you think about the updates, and make sure to share all of the adventures you take it on through social media. Make sure to tag @gossamergear, and happy trails to you!