When we design backpacks at Gossamer Gear, we want them to provide the function and durability that our customers need, while keeping things as light as possible. But we also want our products to make you ~feel~ something. With our brand-new daypack, the Loris 25, we hope to bring your trail memories into your everyday life. 

We want you to get misty-eyed when you see that dandelion pushing up through the cracks in the sidewalk as you remember the spring ephemerals you photographed on that trail in the Smokies. We want you to choose to walk that extra mile to work because you remember what it felt like summiting that final 14er in Colorado. We want you to… well, you get the point.

Hikers that love Gossamer Gear packs on long trails will feel right at home in the Loris 25, a daypack loaded with your favorite Gossamer Gear DNA. The over-the-top closure system provides security, while the vertical zipper opens wide, allowing for direct access to your gear in the main compartment. The Loris 25 is the ultimate companion for an ultralight day hike or your daily commute. Some of the features we know you’ll dig include:

  • Large external mesh pocket
  • Two secure zipper pockets
  • Dual water bottle side pockets
  • Trekking pole tip attachment
  • Removable SitLight Pad
  • Hydration sleeve that can double as a laptop or tablet carrier

To prove to you just how epic this daypack is, we gathered together as a team to brainstorm all the potential use cases for it. There are oh-so-many, but this blog writer only has so much time. You’ll have to take our word for it that we really wanted to list 1,001 uses here but just had other things to do besides sit behind a computer screen.

Without further ado, here are 36 uses for the Loris 25 Daypack that show its versatility both on and off trail!

1. Trip to the farmer’s market.

Kale. Carrots. Beeswax candles. Garlic. A handmade ceramic mug. Chives. Local honey. Yams. If you can find it at the farmer’s market, you can carry it in the Loris 25.

2. Trip to a private island with your fellow bachelorettes.

Have you somehow found yourself on The Bachelor competing with 30 other women for the love of a man you literally just met? We hope you find the deep, nurturing, true love you deserve and are so very worthy of, and we also can’t wait for you to realize this bachelor isn’t worth your time but that you get to make some gal pals for life. In the meantime, enjoy your sponsored trip to that island, girl. Pack whatever you need in the Loris 25.

3. Trip to Europe.

Sounds fun. And you’ll need a bag. Take the Loris 25.

4. Your weekly flag football game.

The Loris 25 can hold a football and your team’s flag belts.

5. Hospital go-bag.

Congratulations on the baby! You’ll be ready to head to the hospital in a jiff with the Loris 25. 

6. Airplane travel.

The Loris 25 fits perfectly under the seat in front of you or in an overhead compartment.

7. Work bag.

If you have to go back to work after hiking, you might as well bring the trail memories with you. Swap your hydration bladder for a laptop in the Loris 25 and head on into the office.

8. Bringing a soccer ball and frisbee to the park.

Be the pal at the park who gets the party started with the Loris 25.

9. Charcuterie board picnic trip.

Pack a small wooden board, your favorite cheeses, crackers, olives, fruit preserves, and serving utensils into the Loris 25 and have the best picnic of your life.

10. Photography (generally).

Cameras and stuff. You can carry it all in the Loris 25. Go take some pictures.

11. Day of kayaking and canoeing. 

You might not be able to fit your actual kayak or canoe in the Loris 25 unless maybe they’re the inflatable type—big maybe there. But you can bring anything and everything else you need while on the water.

12. Diaper bag.

Spice up your diaper life with the Loris 25.

13. Take your small dog or cat with you EVERYWHERE.

The header here says it all. Use the Loris 25.

14. Music festival (ahem, Coachella!) bag.

We checked an article on the internet and it said that you need to bring fun sunglasses, a stylish rain poncho, hand sanitizer, body glitter, electrolyte tablets, a trendy outdoor blanket, a portable charger, and earplugs to Coachella. You can fit that all in the Loris 25.

15. Cross-country skiing bag.

You need to carry some gear with you. Use the Loris 25.

16. Supporting your favorite fastpacker by carrying their resupply products in this bag.

Meet your fastpacker friends at trailheads with all the snacks they need to keep getting after it. Let them know that when they’re done on trail, they can swap their Fast Kumo for the Loris 25.

17. Trail magic.

While you’re at it, just bring a bunch of fun snacks and well wishes and hang out at trails giving weary hikers magic from your Loris 25.

18. Bringing a sand castle kit for the beach.

Small plastic shovel. A few different sized buckets. Fun molds. Carry your day’s joy in the Loris 25.

19. Carrying board games to play at the summit.

You didn’t really come for the view, right? Or, maybe it’s fogged in when you get there? Bust out your games from the Loris 25 and be the day’s hero.

20. Golf and/or mini golf.

Fill the Loris 25 with adult beverages for a day of hole-in-ones.

21. Visiting a haunted house.

The Loris 25 will fit your dowsing rods, Ouija board, and all other materials you need to communicate with spirits from beyond.

22. Trip to Disneyland.

The Loris 25 looks beautiful in selfies with Mickey.

23. Bag for groceries after biking to the store.

The Loris 25 will fit at least a dozen frozen burritos and whatever other grown-up meals you purchase.

24. Biking around town.

The Loris 25 is great for simply biking around town to show off your cool new pack.

25. Hitting the gym (for gainz).

Get swole with a little help from the Loris 25.

26. Going for a hot girl walk.

The Loris 25 doesn’t care if it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall. It believes that every season is a hot girl season.

27. Hitting the pilates or cycling studio.

Some say showing up is the most important part. The Loris 25 knows that showing up with a super stylish bag is what it’s really about.

28. Carry all the books you just bought from your local independent bookstore.

Or Barnes and Noble. The Loris 25 is here for you no matter how you bookworm.

29. Thrift hauls.

Yes, you should get those velvet purple leopard print jeggings that are only $2.00. You deserve it, the price is right, and they look great on you. Plus, they fit in the Loris 25.

30. Bowling.

Carry your bowling outfit, bowling shoes, and bowling ball cleaning kit when you hit the lanes. Bowling is hot right now. Especially with the Loris 25.

31. Taking your blanket, iPad, books, and headphones to your tattoo appointment because you’re getting a large back piece.

While you’re at it, make that a tattoo of the Loris 25.

32. Cross-country roadtrip bag.

Everything you could possibly need for a long drive can fit in the Loris 25.

33. Hiking up an inactive volcano.

The Loris 25 lives for these moments. They make the pack feel alive. It’s like recharging your crystals. Same concept.

34. Carrying your crystals to a Sedona vortex.

The internet says that the vibrations of Sedona’s red rocks and the heightened power of the right vortex can cleanse your crystals of negative energies and restore their healing charge. We say that the Loris 25 creates a protective shield around your crystals for transport into and out of the Arizona desert.

35. Study date.

The Loris 25 is ready to carry all your textbooks and notepads and scholarly stuff to the library to meet your cute lab partner for that study sesh you scheduled.

36. Pickleball.

Pickleball is booming right now. It's accessible, great for all skill levels, and a perfect first date activity, probably. If you're looking to take on the half marathon of tennis, pack your Loris 25 and head to your nearest pickleball court. We're Gossamer Gear and we approve this message.

Grab a Loris 25 Daypack to Do Literally Anything You Need to Throughout Your Day

But, in all seriousness, this is a pretty great daypack. We’re really excited about it and can’t wait to see and hear about all the adventures you take it on. Our greatest hope is that the Loris 25 can bring a taste of trail magic and memories into your life no matter what you’re doing. 

We’d love to see what you get into with the Loris 25! Share your diverse daily uses with us by tagging Gossamer Gear on social media (@gossamergear) and using the hashtag #takelessdomore.

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March 20, 2023 — Korrin Bishop