By now, you've probably seen the hype over our two new releases, the brand new Drifter Daypack and the Limited Edition Camo Kumo 36. What you might not know quite as much about is just how impressive the robic camo jacquard fabric is that we've used to design them. Read on to learn more about our custom N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric–exclusive to Gossamer Gear.

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

Why You Should be Stoked about Our N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

The fabric we've used on both the new Drifter Daypack and the Limited Edition Camo Kumo 36 is a N100D Robic Camo Jacquard fabric. But, that's not all. This fabric is then coated with 1500mm of durable ultra tearing strength (UTS) polyurethane.

Through their testing experience, our fabric suppliers have found that Robic high tenacity yarn can decrease tearing 10-15% and abrasion 30%. A UTS coating can decrease tearing 50%. Therefore, when you combine these two–as we have–into a Robic+UTS fabric, strength against tearing and abrasion is increased 30% when compared to regular pack fabrics.

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

But, what's the Jacquard piece all about, you ask? Well, Jacquard is a type of fabric that has an intricately woven pattern. While many fabric patterns you see may be embroidered or printed on, a Jacquard fabric actually weaves the pattern directly into the fabric. This is what we've done with the classy new camo print you'll see on both the Drifter and the Limited Edition Camo Kumo.

Combine all of this info, and what do you get? Two incredibly stylish packs that are super strong, while maintaining the lightweight nature we treasure here at Gossamer Gear. This N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric was custom made for Gossamer Gear, and is an exclusive with the company. You won't find packs looking this sexy and this tough anywhere else.

Camo Jacquard Fabric in Action on the Drifter

If you haven't met the Drifter yet, it's time. This stylish daypack is designed for daily life and travel. At just 24.04 ounces in weight, this pack will keep your digital goods protected, your out-and-about gear organized, and your entire office jealous.

The Drifter has a 22-liter capacity in the main pack body with a secure zippered top. It also has two front zippered pockets, ergonomic straps and back panel, dual on-strap pockets for your phone, sunglasses, or snacks, and micro daisy chain and lash points. To top this all off, the pack has two padded sleeves for both your laptop and tablet.

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

Camo Jacquard Fabric in Action on the Limited Edition Camo Kumo

We all know and love the Kumo. The medium size weighs in at just 18.7 ounces and the pack has an overall capacity of 36 liters. It comes with a detachable fast belt, rear mesh packet, several compression options, and more. It's a superlight backpack that is perfect for minimalist thru-hikers, ultralight weekend warriors, or even frontcountry travelers. It's a tough, frameless, timeless pack.

And, now, it's even tougher with our new fabric. It's also a limited edition, so if you're looking to truly solidify your deep love of the Kumo, do it by snagging one of these Camo Kumo limited edition packs!

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

Get Your Hands on this Camo Jacquard Fabric

As you for sure know by now, our brand new Drifter Daypack and Limited Edition Camo Kumo are made of some pretty badass fabric. They're also some of our sexiest packs yet. And, now until December 3–drumroll, please–they're also 20% off! So, hop on over to our shop to pick yours up today.

Make sure to share photos of your Drifter or Camo Kumo adventures with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. Happy trails!