Tyvek as Shelter Groundsheet

Gossamer Gear | Jan 05, 2012
What you use for a groundsheet under your shelter or under your sleeping bag depends on the ground surface. If the gr...
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DIY Firestarter

Gossamer Gear | Dec 23, 2011
It's no secret, I like fire and I'm always interested in hearing about, trying and using new types of fire starter &...
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Ultralight Gloves for Bushwhacking

Gossamer Gear | Dec 16, 2011
I do a lot of off-trail hiking, and I like to wear lightweight liner gloves for summer handwear. However, these two t...
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Sliding at Night

Gossamer Gear | Nov 18, 2011
If you have an inflatable sleep pad and use a tent with a silnylon or other slick floor then you've probably experie...
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Clean Out That Closet

Gossamer Gear | Nov 11, 2011
Ryan Linn, aka Guthook, is one of our newest trail ambassadors. He not only is one really, really nice guy, but he a...
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2oz Bug Bivy

Gossamer Gear | Nov 04, 2011
You want a 2oz bug bivvy? Who doesn't! Check out this idea one of our trail ambassadors, Steve Burgess, came up with...
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Glen Van Peski shares Vegan Trail Recipes

Gossamer Gear | Oct 28, 2011
When Glen went to Japan last year, his host was really impressed with his meal plan and requested that Glen put it d...
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Pack Makeover

Gossamer Gear | Oct 24, 2011
JJ Mathes spent a weekend with four traditional backpackers in the woods of North Georgia. She planned for this trip...
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Duct Tape on Trekking Poles

Gossamer Gear | Oct 21, 2011
Here is a tip from one of our customers, Kevin Cody. Here is his story: I added some bright pink duct tape to my tr...
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Handsfree Water Bottle

Gossamer Gear | Oct 14, 2011
Do you ever get tired of fishing out your water bottle every time you want a drink? And you don't want to use a bl...
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How Many Stakes to Carry

Gossamer Gear | Oct 05, 2011
Philip Werner from Section Hiker recently put out a great post describing his stake collection. It makes sense to ca...
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Tip for Treating your Water

Gossamer Gear | Sep 28, 2011
Water doesn't always flow from a clear spring or fast moving creek, especially during a drought. Quite often it's lo...
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