Tip for Treating your Water

Gossamer Gear | Sep 28, 2011
Water doesn't always flow from a clear spring or fast moving creek, especially during a drought. Quite often it's lo...
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What's in my Pack by Glen

Gossamer Gear | Jul 29, 2011
Recently in 2011 Gossamer Gear founder Glen Van Pesky created a great Vimeo video about how to pack well for the trai...
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Ultralight fly fishing tips

Gossamer Gear | Jul 08, 2011
Trail Ambassador Jason Klass is really into backpacking and fly fishing. He has a site called Backpack Flyfishing and...
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Water bottle quick draw

Gossamer Gear | May 27, 2011
Recently Gossamer Gear Chairman and Founder, Glen Van Pesky, created a great video for those that need a pointer on t...
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Homemade Tent Stake Peg Pusher

Gossamer Gear | May 13, 2011
For those interested in learning about how to make your own tent stake 'peg pusher.' Recently Facebook follower Willi...
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Carry Extra Water in Ultralight Pack

Gossamer Gear | Apr 29, 2011
Recently Gossamer Gear Founder Glen Van Pesky put together this great video with his technique for carrying extra wat...
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Conquer stress with Francis Tapon

Gossamer Gear | Apr 15, 2011
For those interested in learning how to overcome unwanted stress on the trail and in your everyday lives. Trail Ambas...
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Lithium vs Alkaline Battery Weight

Gossamer Gear | Apr 08, 2011
It's common knowledge that Lithium batteries outlast Alkaline batteries by about 50%. However, did you know one AAA L...
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How to build a G4

Gossamer Gear | Mar 25, 2011
For those interested in learning how to build the G4 backpack. The following video is a great clip that was just rece...
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DIY Hiking Shoes

Gossamer Gear | Mar 04, 2011
For those interested in learning more about how to make your own footwear. Trail Ambassador Diane Soini recently sent...
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How to make a 'cap keeper'

Gossamer Gear | Feb 25, 2011
For those interested in learning how to make their own 'cap keeper' for their own water bottle. Trail Ambassador Jaso...
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Homemade Energy Bars

Gossamer Gear | Feb 18, 2011
My friend, the Onion of CDT yo-yo fame, was in Denver for a visit and he let me try his homemade energy bars. I had b...
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