SpinnTwinn in the Snow

Gossamer Gear | Jan 28, 2011
If you ever wondered if you can set up a SpinnTwinn in the snow. Hendrik Morkel recently created a great post on his ...
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Ultralight Tic Tac Fishing Kit

Gossamer Gear | Jan 21, 2011
It's just an empty Tic Tac box with a small foam pad inside. The foam holds the lures. My favorite for mountain trou...
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Hiking Tip: Collecting Water

Gossamer Gear | Jan 14, 2011
Have you ever needed to fill your water container only to find there wasn't enough clearance for you to get the open...
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Bad Weather under an Ultralight Tarp

Gossamer Gear | Dec 15, 2010
Have you ever been caught in a vicious, windy, cold rainstorm? It can more dangerous and less comfortable than being ...
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Water is Heavy in Pack

Gossamer Gear | Dec 08, 2010
This advice is primarily for hikers on established trails with good knowledge of their water sources. Fears tend to d...
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Put Rocks on Tent Stakes

Gossamer Gear | Nov 30, 2010
When setting up a shelter, I pick a location where there are rocks. Rocks can be used to add support to lightweight ...
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Losing your Titanium Tent Stakes

Gossamer Gear | Oct 23, 2010
How many times have you lost a tent stake, the thin 6-inch titanium hook stakes to be precise? I live in the southeas...
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Hip Belt Pockets: Other Uses

Gossamer Gear | Jun 23, 2010
This photo shows how a hiker is using his Hip Belt Pockets when not wearing his pack. He just slides his belt through...
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NightLight Torso pad into holder

Gossamer Gear | Jun 07, 2010
Insertion of the NightLight™ pad into the back of your Mariposa™ Plus backpack can be made much easier if you first p...
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How to avoid the duct tape stickiness on poles

Gossamer Gear | May 31, 2010
I don't like sticky duct tape residue stuck to my hiking sticks. So, to prevent my Keeper strings knots from sliding ...
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Spectra line holder

Gossamer Gear | May 17, 2010
Spectra lines can be a pain if you take them on and off your shelter, or move them around to adapt to particular cond...
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DIY Pack Water Bottle Holders

Gossamer Gear | May 03, 2010
If you prefer to have water bottles attached to your shoulder straps for easy access, you can easily construct a pair...
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