DIY Pack Water Bottle Holders

Gossamer Gear | May 03, 2010
If you prefer to have water bottles attached to your shoulder straps for easy access, you can easily construct a pair...
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Overseas air travel

Gossamer Gear | Apr 19, 2010
Miniposa and Mariposa™ can be taken as cabin baggage on airline flights, just watch the fatness and be sure to remove...
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Inflatable sleep pad inside Mariposa

Gossamer Gear | Apr 05, 2010
Instead of putting my inflatable pad in the pocket against my back, I used it to line the pack as shown in the attach...
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How to increase comfort of the NightLight pad

Gossamer Gear | Mar 22, 2010
Here is a simple way to increase the comfort of your NightLight™ torso pad, both in the pack and on the ground, which...
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How to convert your Lightrek poles to collapsible poles

Gossamer Gear | Mar 14, 2010
Ever wish you had markings on your Lightrek™ poles to instantly know which length to extend them to without the old "...
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Hold your polycryo down in wind

Gossamer Gear | Mar 03, 2010
When it got windy I had a hard time keeping the polycryo groundsheet on the ground while setting up my tent. To help ...
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Bear Can Pack Modification

Gossamer Gear | Feb 21, 2010
To better hold my Bearacade Bear canister, I sewed two thin strips of Velcro on the underside of each of the Gorilla ...
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Shoulder Strap Pockets

Gossamer Gear | Feb 08, 2010
I added two small holders (out of ripstop nylon) to the shoulder straps, one for a small digital camera and the other...
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Toothpaste dots

Gossamer Gear | Jan 29, 2010
Are you not quite ready to use Dr. Bronner's soap for toothpaste? Do you have a favorite brand or need a special one ...
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Shoulder Strap and Hip Belt Openings Alternate Uses

Gossamer Gear | Jan 08, 2010
I would suggest you mention in your advertising and instructional information the alternate uses for the hook and loo...
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