A Pleasant Surprise

Gossamer Gear | Apr 12, 2011
From time to time we receive thank you messages from our users. This recent message came from John Muse, who has used...
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Lightrek Pole LT4s Review

Gossamer Gear | Apr 05, 2011
For those interested in reading a review of the Gossamer Gear Lightrek Poles. We at Gossamer like to research differe...
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Martin Rye gives Gossamer some love

Gossamer Gear | Apr 01, 2011
For those interested in hearing about opinions of Gossamer. Every once in a while we like to post positive feedback t...
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Joe Newton's 'gear of the year'

Gossamer Gear | Mar 22, 2011
For those interested in seeing how the Gorilla backpack rated according to Joe Newton. Trail Ambassador Newton recent...
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Tarping Tips

Gossamer Gear | Mar 18, 2011
Our newest Trail Ambassador recently lighted his load even further by going with a SpinnTwinn tarp instead of his ham...
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Rik's take on the RikSak

Gossamer Gear | Mar 08, 2011
There are many, many uses of the RikSak. That is what struck us the first time we saw Rik Christensen demo this pack....
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Featured in Japanese Magazine

Gossamer Gear | Dec 03, 2010
While Glen was in Japan he was able to find out how some of our packs are being used. One interesting customer segmen...
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Austin American Statesman Today

Gossamer Gear | Nov 01, 2010
An article entitled "Lighten Up" was in the Lifestyle section of the Austin American Statesman this morning. In it is...
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Introducing a curved stay

Gossamer Gear | Feb 06, 2009
The 2009 Gossamer Gear® Mariposa™ Plus and new Gorilla™ backpacks have a new look. You might not notice the differenc...
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