Customer Dave Dyrek with Gear

Gossamer Gear | Nov 02, 2011
Hey Grant, Two are from a 5 day Sept 2010 trip to Yosemite. The One along the Tuolumne River and one using the...
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Customer Amy Relnick in Olympic National Park

Gossamer Gear | Oct 26, 2011
We just came off an incredible trip through our back yard of the Olympic National Park. A 12 day trip of two high...
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Customer Tom Hundley on the JMT

Gossamer Gear | Oct 19, 2011
Dear Gossamer Gear, My wife and I purchased two Gossamer Gear Riksaks for our July 13 - August 6th, 2011 John Muir ...
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Customer on the AT

Gossamer Gear | Oct 12, 2011
A couple photos of me and my Mariposa on my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail last summer. Enjoy!… 2000 Mile mar...
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RikSak in Southeast Asia

Gossamer Gear | Sep 23, 2011
Here are some shots of our RikSak pack in Southeast Asia. Reuben Bolieu is a customer that like to keep us in the ...
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Wingsuit Cliff Jumping

Gossamer Gear | Sep 19, 2011
We must say, that this is one of the most extreme uses of our packs that we have ever seen. The idea here is to put ...
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The Tarp-Bivy Combo

Gossamer Gear | Sep 14, 2011
If you are thinking of making the switch to a tarp/bivy combo from your more traditional shelter. Read about Brian G...
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G6 in Peruvian Rainforest

Gossamer Gear | Jun 24, 2011
One of our customers sent us a letter recently with some pictures. This was such an unusual location that we thought ...
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Earl Campbell uses LT3 Trek poles

Gossamer Gear | May 31, 2011
NFL Hall-of-Famer and legendary running back Earl Campbell with his custom Gossamer Gear Lightrek3 trekking poles. Li...
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A Pleasant Surprise

Gossamer Gear | Apr 12, 2011
From time to time we receive thank you messages from our users. This recent message came from John Muse, who has used...
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Lightrek Pole LT4s Review

Gossamer Gear | Apr 05, 2011
For those interested in reading a review of the Gossamer Gear Lightrek Poles. We at Gossamer like to research differe...
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Martin Rye gives Gossamer some love

Gossamer Gear | Apr 01, 2011
For those interested in hearing about opinions of Gossamer. Every once in a while we like to post positive feedback t...
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