12 days in the Mariposa Plus

Gossamer Gear | Mar 21, 2012
Glen- I don't know if you are still looking at ideas for packs to carry bear canisters, but I had good luck last sum...
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Customer at Columbine Lake

Gossamer Gear | Feb 29, 2012
Hi Gossamer Gear, I'm attaching a photo for your September gear drawing. It's of me backpacking with the Sitlight Pad...
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Customer Tramps in New Zealand

Gossamer Gear | Feb 22, 2012
Dear Gossamer Gear, Late in 2010 I took my Gossamer Gear trekking poles to New Zealand, and someone at GG asked if I ...
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Las Tres Chicas Hike South America

Gossamer Gear | Feb 15, 2012
Sarah, Shelley and Trinity are las Tres Chicas (Locas). They are currently on their adventure of a lifetime. Their...
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Water Resistant Down

Gossamer Gear | Feb 12, 2012
By Will Rietveld, Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador. Puffy down jackets are very popular and versatile, and more of them...
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Customer in Northern Sweden

Gossamer Gear | Feb 08, 2012
Hi Gossamer Gear! I just wanted to send in a picture where I'm using the Mariposa Plus in the northern Swedish mounta...
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Customer Hikes 87 Miles with G4

Gossamer Gear | Feb 01, 2012
Hello Gossamer Gear, Attached is a photo of me at the end of an 87 mile hike at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. I...
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Customer in the 100 Mile Wilderness

Gossamer Gear | Jan 25, 2012
Attached is a picture of me in Maine's 100 Mile Wilderness as I finish my 2010 thru hike of the Appalachian Trail w...
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Customer in Grand Canyon

Gossamer Gear | Jan 18, 2012
Hey Guys! Just got back from a 3 nighter in Grand Canyon. We had just started heading down the South Kaibab trail (...
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1000 miles with the Mariposa

Gossamer Gear | Jan 11, 2012
Hello Gossamer Gear- I wanted to send a shout out for the awesome Mariposa Plus pack! This past summer I went on a lo...
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Tom and Kitty on the Camino

Gossamer Gear | Dec 21, 2011
My wife, Kitty, and I walked the Camino in 2006 using G5s, which worked out great. Very few “peregrinos” were using ...
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Cindy at SoulSurvivorX2

Gossamer Gear | Dec 14, 2011
Cindy (and camera man Mike) at SoulSurviorX2 did this awesome video review of our G4. Check it out along with some o...
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